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Blurred Reality
Rated: M
WC: ?
Both Merlin and Arthur are struggling with feelings for each other which isn't helped by their increasing 'happy dreams.' Are the dreams connected? And will the pair realise there is more to their destiny? - A Merthur fic set just after Series 4.

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spnedit: Angels

the angels, they don't care. I think maybe they just don't have
the equipment to care. seems like when they try, it just breaks
them apart.

[demon version]

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You have a very good servant.

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"Whether we see each other next weekend, or next month, or never again, it doesn’t matter. It’s only time.”

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My plan is to give a damn.

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On that day, on that fatal, tragic day, on the diamond of the day

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tbh most of what i got out of tfios was that gus built up this huge persona of corny bravado to try to romanticize his own life as a desperate attempt to deal with the temporary nature of existence but cancer don’t give a shit if you sound like a teenage dirtbag that shit’ll come back to get you death doesn’t give a single solitary fuck

crossover where death from book thief rolls his eyes every time gus waters pulls a particularly pretentious line out of his ass thank

But, isn’t that sort of the point? Like, I’ve seen so much criticism about Gus going around lately and I just think it’s weird. 

Like, Augustus is TRYING to be brave in the face of his illness by dramatizing and romanticizing his life and ACTING in grand pretentious gestures as a coping mechanism. 

But through the book, we see that bravado slip away, and we see the REAL Gus. And through Hazel, we see was REAL strength and bravery is- not Augustus’s metaphors and eloquent meaningless ramblings about the infinite- but in the patience and love and small acts. 

Yeah, Gus is a pretentious 16 year old douche. But he’s also dying of cancer, and his idea of bravery is systematically deconstructed through the novel?

Tfios is in no way a PERFECT book, but I’m not sure where all this “the book sucks because Gus is pretentious” criticism is coming from. It’s like people only read the first 50 pages and then put the book down?

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None of us can choose our destiny, Merlin, and none of us can escape it.

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Completing each other’s sentences… even from a distance.

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#this seriously looks like a behind the scenes gif #like they were just chillin’ off camera #but they filmed it for a dvd or something #then i remembered dragons don’t exist

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favorite character meme: seven scenes

↳ [1/7]

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Sherlock’s full body shots in The Empty Hearse.

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