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Blurred Reality
Rated: M
WC: ?
Both Merlin and Arthur are struggling with feelings for each other which isn't helped by their increasing 'happy dreams.' Are the dreams connected? And will the pair realise there is more to their destiny? - A Merthur fic set just after Series 4.

Grimm character tropes: Sean Renard

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Faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ended so suddenly.

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An accurate representation of my social skills

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but god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky

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Perhaps it is the greatest grief, after all.

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Sam + body

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Book Quotes

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Dean’s text posts: part I, II


Talking about his son, West, and the geese [x]

Watch the video it’s actually hilarious

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get to know: jensen ackles (insp.)

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Do you really want to live forever?

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